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Admission Guide

  • All patients should be accompanied by one (1) adult watcher at night especially at the Emergency Room. We highly encourage not leaving the patient alone.

  • Children below 8 years old are not allowed to visit a patient for infection prevention control purposes. 

  • Patient with communicable disease such as varicella, hepatitis and others will not be admitted in the ward.

  • It is highly recommended not to bring valuables in the hospital.

  • Pets, fixture, firearms or categorized by the security as deadly weapons are strictly not allowed

  • Policies on breastfeeding start immediately with guards on duty.

  • No deposit law (R.A 8344) is observed. Need to update the bill within 24 hours of confinement.

  • Patients not seen by their Attending Physician within 24 hours should be referred to supervisor on duty.

  • For change of service, the reason for transfer should be indicated at the patient’s chart and then it has to be acknowledged by the new Attending Physician.

  • All baggage of discharged patient is subject to inspection prior to leaving the hospital premises.

  • Strictly NO SMOKING.

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